SPHS Detector de Metales por Gravedad

SPHS Detector de Metales por Gravedad

Bunting Magnetics Co.

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Entry-level, economical HS Separators pneumatically reject isolated metal debris from powders, granules, and other bulk materials. The HS Metal Detector is designed for all Gravity-Fed applications in Plastics and Recycling. It features:

  • Economical, compact, and versatile
  • Fully self-monitoring
  • Adjustable sensitivity and rejection
  • Low-maintenance operation

HS Detectors have a single electronics board enclosed in a dust-tight steel housing and feature single-coil detection. Air-powered stainless steel flap offers rapid rejection cycling for cleaner results. HS Detectors monitor their sensors, mechanical function, voltage, and air pressure.


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México, Republica Dominicana, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Perú, Bolivia.


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