Quicktron 03R Detector de Metales por Graveda

Quicktron 03R Detector de Metales por Graveda

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Low-cost triple-coil separator offers superior sensitivity, simplicity, and reliability. Specifically designed for use in plastics and recycling.

Our Quicktron 03 R are designed for demanding plastics applications. They feature:

  • Economical, compact design
  • Detects and rejects small fine materials
  • Accurate even with abrasive products
  • Recommended wherever removal of fines is critical
  • Housing Controls are contained

Quicktron 03 R units provide consistent performance in demanding applications. High-speed stainless steel reject mechanics allow for compact design. This advanced transmitter/receiver detection system comes in a money-saving package. Units are fully self-monitoring. Integral brackets simplify mounting.

Video showing the reject mechanism of the quickTRON™ 03R

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