Series 1 *836 (Flow Rate 2.11-9.5 GPM)

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Series 1 is a flow regulator made of two modules, 4 and 6 zone, with flow measurement in the return of the mold without inlet manifold.


Rango Flujo de Agua: 2.11 a 9.5 gpm por circuito 

Dimension para Salida de Agua (NPT): 1 1/4'' 

Dimension para Entrada de Agua (NPT): 1 1/4'' 

Dimension I.D de rosca para la conexion de manguera para suplir al Molde de: 3/8'' 


4 Zones- 7.48"

6 Zones- 10.63"

    *836 comes with brass floats.